Sli Drop™ PET Bottles

Sli Drop™ bottles are made from 100% recyclable PET. Their distinctive polypropylene red cap closures are also recyclable.


Sli Drop™ Kegs are manufactured by KeyKeg who are energetic proponents of building a sustainable, circular economy.  Designed to be reused from their inception, the raw material from kegs can be processed and reused to create more kegs. 

Currently, their kegs consist of 30% reused material. They anticipate the launch of a 45% reused material keg shortly. Through the use of their custom-made PET product, they aim to increase the ratio of recycled material over time. A 74% recycled product is currently in development phase, and they are eagerly anticipating its launch.

Additionally, all PP of the kegs contain 100% reused material. 

Keep up to date with KeyKeg progress on their Facebook page.

Sli Drop Key Keg