How every drop makes a difference


  • Sli Drop™ kegs are light to transport, which means a reduced carbon footprint. One 20 litre Sli Drop™ keg weighs 50% less than the same volume of bottled wine. (One 20L Sli Drop™ keg = 21kg, while 26 glass bottles of wine = 32kg + packaging). Less weight = less fuel for transportation.
  • Sli Drop™ kegs are filled and dispensed by hand. No external energy supply is required – just a little time and the promise of
    a delicious glass of quality local wine afterwards. 
  • Sli Drop™ is locally sourced and won’t travel too far to get to you. A low carbon footprint every time!


We source our delectable wines from local and family businesses in your state. This means:

  • You are actively supporting your local economy
  • Every drop is fresh, flavoursome and delivered straight to your glass by the most direct route possible.


  • Recycled and recyclable. Sli Drop™ kegs are made from 30% recycled materials with a lightweight PET shell. They are part of the rapidly accelerating ‘Circular Economy’ movement, where the emphasis is on making new from old. 
  • Low production costs and energy usage, means delicious wine that is easy on the wallet.
  • Your choice of bottle. Because you fill your bottle directly from the keg, you get to choose! Whether you are a 100% recycled PET warrior, or want to reuse your favourite glass bottle, you will play your part in reducing landfill.
  • Sli Drop™’s air-tight dispensing systems and kegs ensure fresh wine every time. 
  • Sli Drop™ is an Australian first
    in homes and bottle shops. Sli Drop™ kegs and delivery concepts promise to be a part of a growing trend towards creating a sustainable wine culture in Australia.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy a Sli Drop™ today and make a difference!